PATREON Launched!

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Ari here, artistic director of Prehistoric Body Theater, and I’m excited to launch my Patreon! For those who aren’t familiar, is a crowdfunding platform that supports small (or large!) reoccuring monthly donations to support the daily challenges of living a creative life. To create Prehistoric Body Theater's art, I have a daily dance of administrative tasks, rehearsals, and fundraising to do, which is increasing in intensity I scale this work up.  At this point, I am completely committed to this project full time. However, most of the funds I bring in from grants and fundraising campaigns go directly to project development, which leaves the little question of how I am to feed and house myself.  

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Prehistoric Body Theater wins 2018 4Culture Artist Grant

PBT artistic director Ari Rudenko won a 2018 Artist Grant, provided by Seattle arts funder 4Culture ( These funds will support the editing of the GHOSTS of HELL CREEK experimental film footage shot last year in Indonesia, towards the generation of a museum video-art installation, to be mounted in Seattle in late 2019. Stay tuned for more details.

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